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  • Collaboratory — Collaboratory is incubating new ventures with an inclusive model for providing a lattice of supports: mentorship, childcare, transportation and translation services as well as seed funding.  Events at Ives and The Grove.
  • Concepts for Adaptive LearningConcepts for Adaptive Learning is training parents to use technology to support their children’s education and build job skills and readiness.  5 Science Park.
  • The DistrictThe District is establishing a new epicenter for entrepreneurship and tech training in New Haven with a full-service campus featuring recreational amenities, educational programs, and business supports for life science and tech startups. 470 James St.
  • Economic Development Corporation of New HavenThe Economic Development Corporation is marketing New Haven as a center for innovation and introducing the community to participating organizations through the work of its Implementation Manager / Superconnector. Citywide.
  • Gateway Community CollegeGateway Community College is supplying the pipeline of tech talent through scholarships to build in-demand skills and professional development opportunities for recent certificate-holders.  20 Church St.
  • The Grove — The Grove is improving the coworking experience by enhancing communications and building out new team space to connect more entrepreneurs and grow companies. 760 Chapel St.
  • Health Haven HubHealth Haven Hub is creating a new incubator specializing in supporting startups in digital health, advanced diagnostics and medical devices. Key tenants are Bridge Innovations, HealthVenture and Origami Innovations. 195 Church St.
  • Ives Squared — Ives Squared at New Haven Free Public Library is creating an Innovation Commons to provide public access to entrepreneurship. 133 Elm St.
  • MakeHaven — Make Haven is expanding facilities for makers with upgraded equipment and more avenues for inventors to bring products to market. 770 Chapel St.
  • Mobile CSP — Mobile CSP is helping New Haven’s high schoolers fall in love with coding at Southern Connecticut State University’s new center for STEM innovation. 501 Crescent St.
  • Science Park Development Corporation — Science Park Development Corporation is creating a shared facility to make pharmaceutical research more accessible to growing companies. It is also launching community-building programs for professionals in its life science and tech incubators, just a short bike ride from downtown along the Farmington Canal.  4 & 5 Science Park.
  • A Small Instrumentation Fund at SCSU — A Small Instrumentation Fund at SCSU is enabling professors from area higher education institutions in industry relevant disciplines to purchase specialized equipment along with accompanying equipment and software so they can prepare students in ways that match the talent needs of local companies. Citywide.
  • The State HouseState House is launching a new mid-size, multi-purpose space to produce innovation events.  294 State St.

  • Town Green Special Services DistrictTown Green Special Services District is advancing the connectivity and livability of downtown through various placemaking activities. 900 Chapel St.

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